• Tracing works
  • Tracing property boundaries
  • Tracing the land for constructions, roads - setting the property boundaries, land spilling
  • Foundation tracing
  • Tracing the contour of buildings, including the inside
  • Tracing the axes of buildings, points and rates
  • Tracing the 0 datum
  • Trace pillar positions and positioning pillars, beams, structure walls
  • Tracing the topographic support network of the construction site
  • Topographic measurements (for investment projects, to calculate the volume of digging, filling, excavation, for preparing site plans, for CU (Urban planning Certificate), PUZ (local urban plan), PUD (detailed urban plan), PAC (building permit)
  • Monitoring displacements in time
  • Low and high precision levelling
  • Observing buildings in time
  • Topography technical works
  • Preparing topographical site plans
  • Site plans and scale placement required by the customer
  • Site plans including level curves, including 3D
  • Site plans for obtaining: PAC (building permit), PUD (detailed urban plan), PUZ (local urban plan), PUG (general urban plan) or Urban planning Certificate
  • 3D site plans, including level curves
  • Terrain 3D models


  • Determination of planimetric coordinates, geographical coordinates;
  • Developing and thickening supporting topographic networks;
  • Developing and thickening of the geodetic network using standard methods or GPS;
  • High precision measurements using GPS methods.

Additional services

  • Cartography
  • Topographic observations
  • Surveys


  • Cadastre for apartments
  • Cadastre for constructions
  • Cadastre for land, with or without buildings, incorporated or unincorporated
  • Land tabulation with or without buildings, tabulation of new constructions
  • Dismantlement and accessions for constructions and buildings
  • Dismantlement and accessions for incorporated or unincorporated land
  • Cadastre update and correction
  • Property line change and land surface change
  • Removing unincorporated land from agricultural use
  • Technical approval for obtaining PAC (building permit), PUG (general urban plan), PUZ (local urban plan), PUD (detailed urban plan), Urban planning Certificate
  • Changing land use
  • Road cadastre
  • Railway cadastre
  • Forest cadastre
  • Water cadastre